Maintaining Your Diet While Wearing Clear Aligners

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diet while wearing clear aligners

Clear aligners are orthodontic devices widely used for teeth straightening. In comparison to traditional braces, clear aligners come along with numerous perks to enjoy during the treatment. One of the major perks of having clear aligners is their invisible feature. Moreover, they can be easily removed as per your ease. Due to these advantages, orthodontic patients can enjoy a comfortable teeth straightening treatment. In this blog, we will discover how patients can sustain their diet while wearing clear aligners.

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Can we eat with Clear aligners?

Embarking on a teeth straightening treatment raises a lot of concerns among patients. However, when it comes to clear aligners, patients can look forward to an easy treatment procedure with fewer restrictions as compared to traditional braces. A major concern among patients is whether they can have their regular meals in peace or not. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners can be removed at your own will and as a result, you can enjoy your meals anytime.

Healthy Diet while wearing Clear Aligners

Orthodontic treatments are considered to be painful and cause immense discomfort to patients. When undergoing a teeth straightening treatment, a compromise on the overall oral hygiene and diet has been generally observed. Due to the presence of metallic brackets and wires in traditional braces, patients tend to feel discomfort while eating.

In comparison to traditional braces, people now opt for clear aligners for ease as they do not contain any metallic brackets and wires. Clear aligners are just plastic trays that are customized to fix your teeth. They can be easily removed whenever patients want to enjoy their meal. Here are some useful tips to maintain your diet with clear aligners without causing any harm.

Plan Healthy meals

Clear aligners do not cause any restrictions, however, it is impactful to maintain a healthy schedule for your meals. Clear aligners must be worn 20-22 hours a day for effective results. It is the ideal time to shift to much more nutritious food and keep your hydration monitored. Moreover, opting for better nutritious meal options could help you with your overall health including oral as well.

Avoid Sugary beverages

Your teeth become sensitive while going through an orthodontic treatment. It also increases the chances of plaque and cavities buildup. It is highly recommended to avoid sugary drinks with clear aligners. If you take off your aligners for drinks, you would need to brush before inserting them again. Moreover, the intake of carbonated drinks with clear aligners can damage and cause stains to your aligners.

Avoid Excessive Snacking

Excessive snacking is a norm among people of all ages. However, maintaining your diet while wearing clear aligners is essential. It means you need to make healthy food choices and avoid excessive snacking. As far as clear aligners provide an edge of removing them whenever you want, excess snacking means taking off your aligners more often. This can result in a prolonged aligner treatment.

Stay Hydrated

It is highly recommended to stay hydrated while wearing clear aligners. It helps in rinsing off any food particles that may have stuck on your teeth. Moreover, having plenty of water helps in maintaining friendly oral hygiene.

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Clear aligners are an easy approach for teeth straightening. However, your diet shouldn’t be compromised during the treatment. By following simple tips and guidelines, you can enjoy your meals while you undergo the clear aligner treatment. However, you should monitor the daily time for wearing clear aligners for effective results.


1. Are eating patterns compromised with braces?

Traditional braces have an impact on eating patterns however, with clear aligners, you can enjoy your meals by removing them.

2. Can we have our regular meals with clear aligners?

Yes, you can have your regular meals with clear aligners as it doesn’t contain any metallic braces or wires.

3. What are the tips for maintaining a diet with clear aligners?

The effective tips to maintain a diet are to include nutritious food in your diet, soft food, avoid excessive snacking, avoid sugary beverages, and stay hydrated.