What Role Does Retainers Play In Clear Aligner Treatment

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A girl showing her smile while wearing metal retainers

For a straight, attractive smile, clear aligners—are a covert and efficient treatment option. The last thing you want to happen after spending time and money on braces is to undo all the progress that has been accomplished in a short amount of time after treatment. For this reason, your dentist will advise you to use retainers as a form of post-active treatment.

What about Retainers?

First things first: what are retainers exactly? Consider them to be the defenders of your recently straightened teeth. These are specially designed appliances, usually composed of metal or plastic, that support the retention of your teeth after orthodontic treatment.

Why Do Retainers Matter So Much?

It won't come as a surprise when your clear aligner treatment is over and you're proud to show off your straight, gorgeous smile whenever you get the chance. However, it takes time for the gums and bones surrounding your teeth to adjust before they are strong enough to firmly hold your teeth in place.

Therefore, it is important to safeguard the ideal dental alignment that you’ve achieved, particularly during the first several days following the end of your treatment.

Your teeth can be "retained" by using retainers to keep them stable and supported in their newly adopted locations. The most significant function retainers provide is this one. If your retainers are not worn, your teeth may shift back out of their ideal alignment.

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A Brief Overview of Retainer Types

There are three types of retainers available: Clear retainers that are more covert, Hawley retainers with a metal wire, and Traditional ones that are removable. Based on your needs, your orthodontist will suggest the best course of action.

How Frequently Must I Wear Them?

So let's get real: maintaining consistency is essential. At first, you probably won't be able to take your retainers out of your mouth except to brush or eat. Your orthodontist may eventually give you the go-ahead to wear them exclusively at night. Maintaining those teeth in place is the aim!

teeth retainers
A girl smiling while holding teeth retainers

Do I Actually Need to Wear Them All the Time?

Honestly, who wants to wear retainers all the time? The problem is that, if you ignore them, your teeth have a memory of their own and may attempt to move back to where they were. Even while you might not need to wear retainers all the time, doing so over time can help you keep the gorgeous smile you've worked so hard to get.

Retainers Aid in Safeguarding Your Results & Investment

As you can see, retainers are crucial to safeguarding your financial, time, and orthodontic treatment investment—not to mention the stunning outcomes you can achieve with ALIGNERCO clear aligners. You won't need to wear your retainers as much as you once did as your bones become stronger, but it's something you should do for the rest of your life.

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1. What function do retainers serve in the clear aligner treatment exactly?

Retainers keep the teeth in place after they have been shifted into alignment.

2. After receiving clear aligner treatment, how long do I need to wear retainers?

At first, patients might have to wear their retainers all the time—aside from when they eat and brush their teeth. However, based on personal circumstances and the orthodontist's recommendation, the length of time retainers are worn can change.